States ERP Consortium Guide to Reporting ERP Results was published in 2009 to help states report ERP information in a transparent, defensible, and consistent manner. The Guide provides detailed guidance for reporting on key descriptive characteristics and core performance measures deemed essential to accurately describing a state's ERP experience.

Guide to Reporting ERP Results [PDF] – 12 pp.

Appendix A:  Statement of Intent and ERP Results Reporting Compact [PDF] – 3 pp.
Appendix B: Template for Reporting Core ERP Descriptors [PDF] – 13 pp.
Appendix C: Template for Reporting Core ERP Measures [PDF] – 28 pp.
Appendix D:  Statistical Metadata for Results Derived from Random Inspection Data [PDF] – 5 pp.
Appendix E:  Examples of Completed Templates for Core ERP Descriptors and Measures [PDF] – 22 pp.
Appendix F:  Automated Tools for Calculating Core ERP Measures [PDF] – 3 pp.

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